Make-up can be an art!


Have you ever thought about who created makeup? Or how it was created? When, Where & how? Why was it created? Makeup actually has a lot of its own differences. In 180 Bcc makeup had first started but it wasn’t commonly used as much as then, because it was so expensive and hard to get it. The women who actually had it or used it were the wealthiest women. The cheap knockoffs were present in ancient Rome. Dressing up, applying makeup, and even how someone smelled meant a lot. Women who had a decent smell were presumed to be wealthy.

Every woman buys & applies makeup. The glamorous colours & tones of eye-shadow, eyeliners, mascaras, concealers, lipsticks, glosses, blush & bronzers in the glowing light tend to grasp the attention of young girls to elderly women, while slowly easing their way down the makeup aisle.

Make-up Artist Transforms her face.

Makeup should be used to intensify the beauty in women, instead of masking their looks because makeup worn lightly appears healthier. Face the reality, nearly everyone who wears heavy makeup has a clown face, applying makeup can be an art, but painting too much foundation along with other makeup products on a face can look unnatural and unevenness throughout the day.

Enhancing a woman’s beauty with makeup can boost their confidence when not being masked. I love the confidence make up gives me all day. Having a fresh look with or without makeup portrays beautiful skin. Friends & family will notice one’s beauty; they may complement the naturally glowing skin. They will also notice that makeup is enhancing their features instead of dull looking skin. A light makeup will cover their face and hide the blemishes and dark and uneven spots on the face. Use a concealer that matches the skin tone to make it disappear. Despite all the worries that women withstand, applying a little makeup can boost women’s self-esteem; they feel pretty from within when doing the job, just like a star. Makeup is fun and boosts the confidence of women and enhances her beauty.

A little bit of practice can help you master this art. Makeup can make your skin glow and shine like a diamond.  It will help you look more charming and attractive. But don’t forget to give some fresh air to your skin to breath, as it will keep your skin healthy.  Leave your skin makeup free at least one day a week. A natural look enhances the true beauty of a woman causing the skin to look healthier, boosts confidence, and increases the charm. So, take off that mask and let true, natural beauty shine.